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Related article: Date: Fri, 13 May 2011 11:19:21 -0600 From: Brian Suddards Subject: African Kid 12Disclaimer: This is fiction. It deals with male to male sex between consenting adults. If it is illegal to read this type of story in the State or Province you live. You should leave this site now:Chapter 12.As the boys were sitting with me on the deck a very large black male approached the deck we were sitting on."Mr. Hamilton, may I have a few words with you?"I signaled for him to come Preteen Boy up. My two boys moved over closer to me, not sure about this big man that for all his size seemed to move like a cat. He pulled his ID and handed it to me. He then sat down.His ID told me he was Edward Smith. Unlikely I thought. It also said he was an investigator for Defense International. I handed it back to him."What can I do for you Mr. Smith?""I have been running a parallel investigation to the State Police investigation. The question I have for you Mr. Hamilton is how much do I tell the State Police? I think I may have found out more than them. My Color helps, people tend to talk to me more than they will to White State Police. I guess old habits.""Do they know you are also running an investigation?""Oh yes and in fact have been very cooperative so far.""Exactly what have found out that they may not have?""Can we go inside? I would prefer that the least number of ears that hear this the better."I helped my boys up and walked into our cabin. Onou was sitting by the computer, checking my emails. He turned and just watched as I seated my two boys."Would you like something cold Mr. Smith?""That would be great. Please call me Ed or Eddy.""I'm Spence. Onou grab us a couple of beers. Don't forget your brothers and yourself."Onou brought the beers and then sat down. Ed took a long pull from the bottle and set it down."Okay. First off the three men your boys described. The State Police and I both agree they are not from Cape Province. We actually think they may not even be part of any regular State Police. I have been checking with contacts we have in almost every State and found out that the type of uniform they were wearing is very similar to the Reaction force officers from Namibia. They have actually been seen in Port Nolloth, Northern Cape. I have sent a couple of men to check out that story.Next, I have found out about the boy that lured your two boys into the hands of the men. He has been identified as Norman Chaputo, from Nigeria. He was wanted in Nigerian for raping several young boys. I have also found out where he was staying. From your words Spence he said he was only about 2 km. from that rock outcropping where you met him. He had a camp set up in the jungle. I don't think the police know that fact yet. We found his passport and several different ID cards and about 6,000 rand in cash. He would have come to the attention of the Cape Police pretty quick. A few boys I talked to Saldanha have said that he raped a couple there.""That sort of fits with what he said to me. He said he usually only had young boys fucking him. I guess it was the other way around. I'm not sorry he's dead now.""It is obvious he didn't know who he was dealing with, when he hooked up with those troopers. The big question that I have right now is why are your two boys still alive. By your own words they said they were going to do to you what they did to the late Chaputo.""The police think they might have been interrupted. But who or what we are not sure. They may have even heard your Rover.""Well I can only say I am very glad they were interrupted." I hugged both my boys.I could feel my eyes starting to water."I am very glad they were interrupted to Spence. You have three very good looking Sons.""Thanks Ed."As long as you and the State Police are sure that those men did not come from around here, I see no reason not to tell the State Police investigators what you know. But are you sure you can trust all the State Police. I mean if they were actually from Namibia, which I really doubt, how did they get here and then escape as well without at least someone seeing them.""That is basically what I am looking at now. I will hold off on informing them of anything about the men until I know for sure how they got here and then away. I think I can tell them about Simon."He left and I took all three of my boys to bed with me. I really just didn't want any of them out of my site. We just cuddled together.After breakfast the next day we were flown by helicopter to the Ship Wreck Bay Inn. I saw that my contractor was on site with several pieces of heavy equipment and several trailers. We watched as the old servants quarters was put to the torch. All the boys cheered as the flames consumed the old quarters. Maybe something else was now over. I left after it was nothing but embers. When we got back to our temporary home I saw that we had more visitors. Two black cars were in the lot. Damn place was getting crowded. One of the cars had US Diplomatic Plates and the other South African Federal plates.Not caring I took my boys back to our cabin and showered. I reapplied the dressings to both boys and then sat to enjoy a cold beer on the deck.The Defense International team intercepted the four men that came out of the main building and headed for my unit. Two of men remained with my body guards as the other two approached my cabin."May we come up?" One of them asked.I signaled up to the deck and stood."I am sorry to bother you Mr. Hamilton, but it is urgent I talk with you. My name is Henry Guiltier, Assistant Prosecutor for the Federal Court in Pretoria. I really need to go over the Statements you and Preteen Boy your boys gave to the State Police here.""Henry, I believe I can get my business over quickly. If you will permit me.""Go ahead George. I can wait.""First off, I am the under secretary at the American Embassy in Pretoria. I have been instructed by my government to assist you in any way possible Mr. Hamilton. I have also been instructed to give you these."He handed over a small package. I opened it and checked the contents. Three brand new passports in my son's names were in the package."Thank you very much. This more than I hoped for.""Mr. Hamilton, your group of companies does a large amount of business with the US Government and you are considered a very important person. The State Department feels this is the least they can do.""Now are your boys prepared to take the oath of allegiance?""If they can read it, they haven't memorized it yet."He handed over three small cards. I gave one to each of my sons."Would you boys please stand.""Raise your right hand and repeat after me." He said.My three boys repeated the Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America."By the power invested in me and with this witness I proclaim you three to citizens of the United States of America. Congratulations."All three broke down crying and then hugged me. They received certificates testifying that they really were citizens. I handed them their passports.Onou opened his passport. His eyes got real big and then he started to cry in earnest. "You okay Son?" I asked him."We really are your sons now. It say Onou Hamilton."Steven and Devine opened their new passports and then both almost jumped on me crying. After everyone settled down we just sat and talked a bit."Now, what do you need?" I asked the State Prosecutor."Well first, I need to say that the investigation of your two Son's abduction and torture is now being handled or should I say supervised by the Federal Police. I understand you have your own investigator here and that won't interfere with out parallel investigation. These are the typed up Statements you gave for the Assault by Gooseman on Steven. These others are the statements you gave concerning the boys abduction. I just need you all to go them and make sure they are correct and then sign them."We sat and read over the Statements. Everything looked okay and we signed them.The justice system in South Africa is based on British Law, with some US Law added. Gooseman will be tried before three judges. Only takes two of them for a conviction. The Pretrial takes place next week. You need not be there for that. He has already been deemed a flight risk so will not be released. The trial date will be set during the Preliminary Hearing. I expect it will be some time next year.""Your free to travel, but all of you will be required in court for the trial.""I understand that Sir. I may take the boys home for a short time while the resort is under construction.""Good and Good Luck with your three new Son's." He stood and shook all our hands. Then both left.The boys and I went inside and sat down. Onou got beer for everybody."I guess now that we really are your sons, it would be incest if we have sex." Steven smiled."I guess I have three incestuous sons then and I am an incestuous Father." I laughed."I guess it was your turn tonight Steven, but I think I want all three of you tonight to celebrate."They all smiled.Before that, I want to try and deep throat you again Steven after I do Devine and Onou.""Father, last time I thought I was going to chock you to death.""Never happen love.""Steven for a such a small guy, you have the biggest dick I have ever seen. What I do for my other two I will do for you too. I love you all equally.""Now how about a swim?" I asked.We quickly changed Preteen Boy in swimming gear. All my boys looked good enough to eat in their trunks. Before we went down for a swim I call Darrell and told him we would celebrate my adoption of the three boys tonight and asked if he could make a cake or something. He said he had just the thing."Can we go diving off the rocks?' Devine asked.I thought about that. There were both good and bad memories about the rock outcropping, but decided yes. WE piled into the rover and took off, with three of my new body guards scrambling into an SUV to follow. I had forgotten about them.When we arrived at the base of the rock outcropping, I could see the boys from the village were already diving off the rock into the sea."Looks like we will have company." I said.We climbed up to the place where they were jumping from. All were nude, but just too young to be of interest to me. Devine and Steven didn't think so and soon were nude jumping off the rocks. Onou followed while I just watched.The boys were having a great time, while I just leaned back in the sun. Work on my tan some more. AS I was laying just soaking up the rays a boy walked over and sat down."Hi Mr. Hamilton. You not going to swim?""You know who I am?" I asked."Sure, everybody knows you. Your rebuilding the Ship Wreck Inn."I looked at the boy. Damn if I was into boys as young as him I would be all over him in a minute. He seemed to sense what I was thinking."You want to have sex? I'm almost seventeen. I like to bottom, but if you just want to suck that's cool."Holy Christ was this kid was forward and I sorely tempted."You're a little bit young for me Son.""I've been having sex since I was twelve. I know I'm not big like your Sons, but I got a big load."Sweet too, I figured."Maybe another time Son." I said."Okay. Do you want to see the big cavern that's under this pile of rocks?"That was new to me. I had though this was just a volcanic rock out cropping."Sure."He got up and headed down off the rocks. I followed. Close to the bottom a cave entrance about 7 feet high and double that across broke the face of the rock pile. He just walked inside. IT opened into a vaulted cavern about 60 feet long and twice as high. A pool filled the bottom. He just dove in and swam to the other side. I could just see him in the gloom as he climbed out. I waded in and quickly had to swim, the edge dropped off quickly. The water was perfect for swimming. I slowly swam to the side he was on and climbed out and sat down."This is beautiful.""Dark too." He said and placed his hand on my crotch.The little fucker had maneuvered me here. Touching my cock got me instantly hard. He undid my shorts and pulled out my cock and dropped his lips over it. I almost pulled him off, but it felt great. He had obviously had lots of practice. When I put my hand on his head, he moaned and took more of my cock into his throat. His hot mouth sure worked good and very quickly he brought me ejaculation. I warned him, but he just sucked harder. He swallowed it all and then sat back."Wow! You got a great sweet load Mr. Hamilton."I just shook my head and then pushed him onto his back. I took his five inch cock into my mouth and sucked away. His moans of pleasure echoed off the walls of the cavern. He didn't take long either and my mouth was filled with his very sweet load. Damn I had not wanted to do this, but some things I just can't control since I met my three boys. Sucking on black cocks was what I loved more than anything. I sat back."What's your name Son.""Harold Mr. Hamilton, but everyone calls me Harry. Will you fuck me now? I never had a cock like yours.""Well Harry, you can call me Spence and no I won't fuck you now.""That's okay. Would you be mad if I got one of your sons to fuck me?""What my Sons do is up to them. Why do you want to get screwed anyway?""I like it a lot. It feels good.""Good enough reason I guess."He moved closer and put a hand back on my cock."We better get back before I'm missed.""That's okay, everyone know I brought you here."I was about to stand when Devine and another boy came in the cave. Silhouetted in the entrance I almost laughed when the boy kneeled and started sucking Devine's cock."See, they all come here for sex." Harry whispered.Both of them were obviously enjoying themselves. I saw Devine holding the boys head as he fucked his face. Devine had a pretty fair sized cock, but the boy seemed to be able to handle it all. Finally Devine just stopped. A few seconds later the boy stood and kissed Devine. What surprised me next was Devine pushed the boy to his knees and entered him. I heard a very loud sigh and moan. Devine just started to pile drive the kid. Kid was what he looked like from where I was sitting about 100 feet away.Harry had been playing with my cock as we watched. Seeing Devine shove his cock into the boys butt got me hard again."Please Spence. Fuck me. I won't tell anyone." Harry pleaded.I looked at Harry's face. In the low light he had a look of pleading in them. They seemed to enter my soul. My resolve was broken looking at him. I pushed him down onto his back. He pulled his legs back. I ran my tongue across his pucker. A very loud OH, escaped his lips as I rimmed his very smooth hole. I brought my cock up and pushed into him. IT slipped in so easy I was surprised. "YES" He screamed. The yes echoed off the cavern walls.Harry's hole was like a velvet glove holding my cock as it moved inside him. I just couldn't go slow, it felt so good. I started to hammer in and out of him. All resolve gone as soon as my cock entered him. Why I loved these black boys was very obvious to me. They felt so smooth inside and there cocks were like silk in my mouth. Talented, I would say that Harry was very talented. I could feel his muscles working my cock with each stroke. AS I blew inside, a very scary thought came to mind. God I hoped he wasn't HIV positive, because I could very well be infected now. That thought made my cock wilt very fast and I pulled out.I sat back thinking."You okay Spence?""I should have used protection."He giggled."I'm okay Spence. My Dad had us all checked when he found out I was gay. Devine just screwed my brother."I almost fainted as a very worrisome load left my mind."You okay now?""Thanks Harry. You have a very nice butt.""Can me and my brother get a job at Preteen Boy your resort.""So this was your way of Bribing me?""Well I figured it might work. John said there were no jobs available.""You know John Hanna?""My Dad does. My Dad is working at the Resort for the Contractor.""Okay Son. I'll see what I can do. Come by the cabin tomorrow."We both swam nude back to the entrance. Devine was waiting.The boy with him looked identical to Harry. "Spence, this is my twin brother Henry. I'm the oldest by a minute.""Hello Henry. Have fun with my Son.""Yeah, but I really wanted to try Steven.""Steven would split you open Henry." Devine said."Well I sucked almost seven inches of him.""Is that all you two are interested in? Sex?""Well sure, but the boys are just too small to more than just fun.""If I get you guys jobs at the resort, there will be no sex while your working.""We know that Spence. Maybe we will meet someone like you.""What is so different about me?""Besides the obvious, that I got to try, you adopted Onou, Devine and Steven. You Preteen Boy are taking them to America.""Is that what your looking for. A rich American to adopt you and take you away?""Well, we don't really have much here. Our Dad doesn't like us much cause we're Gay. If we could find someone to help us out we could pay our way sort of.""You mean by using your cocks and asses. That boys is very wrong idea. You could end up with some jerk that will promise you everything and then just leave you high and dry. Come on lets get back up on top before my body guards get too worried." We climbed back up onto the rocks. Nice to be back in the sun. WE just sat down in a group. All the other boys came over too."Look you two. First things first. I'll get you working if you promise you won't look for a rich American to take you away from here. I won't make any promises, but I will see what I can do for you. I can't adopt you even if I wanted too. I don't think your Dad will trust me at all considering I am Gay and have three Gay Sons. So you work for me and I'll help you. No sex. If I hear you guys are hitting on anyone at the construction site all deals are off. Understand?"The boys looked at each other."Okay Spence we promise.""Okay, I'm going to hold you to that promise. Onou, take the rover and take them to Clanwilliam and get them work clothes. When your back come back here and pick me up, if I haven't walked back by then.""Okay Father." He kissed me and took off with the two boys.I got up and walked to edge of the cliff and jumped off. Pretty soon I was followed by everyone else. The next three hours was a carefree time of fun with all the kids and my two Sons. WE were all just relaxing on the beach when Onou got back. All the kids gathered around the two boys as they showed off the work clothes."Harry, Henry, be at the Resort at 8 AM. Onou will put you to work.""Yes Sir." They both answered.I took my Sons and headed back to the cabin. My guards followed. I invited all three up for a very welcomed cold beer.The celebration that night was great. Darrell even had a haggis. I hated Haggis, but my boys loved it. To each his own I thought. Stevens mother baked a big cake and decorated it with congratulations to Onou, Devine and Steven. We also drank way too much.Stevens Mother came out and walked over to me. I stood up. She wrapped her arms around me."Mr. Hamilton, you have made me and my Son very happy. I know he now has the one he loves as much as I love him and know that you love him the same. Take good care of him. I hope I can now call you my Son too.""Yes you can and I will always take care of your Son and now mine."I Preteen Boy gave her a kiss on the cheek."You make an old lady very proud."Darrell walked up."I hate to say it, but when Spence's new resort opens I am going to be very hard pressed to replace you Masina.""If you pay her way, I could get my Sister here. She is almost as good a cook as me.""You bet. Where is she now?""Johannesburg.""Write her and tell her I will pay her way if she wants to come.""Better yet Darrell, when she's ready, I'll send the Challenger to pick her up.""That's very generous of you Spence.""Speaking of that Darrell, you should run my card to catch thing up to date.""No real need Spence. I know your good for it.""Just the same run the card and bill me to date. We'll all be here except for three weeks until the resort is ready. That could be half a year.""Very well." I handed him my Platinum Amex card.I laughed when he handed me the charge slip to sign. Twenty six thousand Rand."That's it?""To date yes. Remember you are on monthly rates."I signed it and handed it back. I knew what I would do when we moved to the Ship Wreck Bay Resort.Very late we retired to our cabin. Too tired to fuck, I just sucked off all my boys and even deep throated Steven's monster cock. I loved how it filled every part of my mouth and throat. My jaw ached, but I would not have stopped him for all the gold in South Africa.WE just all cuddled together to sleep. Sleeping for the first time with my three sons. Real sons. Looking at all three now my own flesh and blood at least in name got me to crying."We love you too Father." Onou said.In the morning Henry and Harry were waiting on the step of the hotel. They looked good in new blue jeans, t-shirts, Boots and Hardhat. "You boys have breakfast?" I asked."We're okay Sir.""That is not what I asked. When I ask a question I expect a straight answer.""No Sir.""Then come in here and eat."Onou drove the Van down with the crew. I flew with Steven and Devine. I met with the contractor and had him put Harry and Henry to work. Then I took my three boys and flew to the Airport. The plans were ready in Cape Town. After a short trip to Cape Town and then dropping off a copy of the plans to Charlie, I took my boys back to same shop and replaced the two gold chains and rings. Then I took them shopping for good luggage and some real nice clothes they could fly in. After spending several more hundreds of dollars, I figured I would have to have a long talk with my accountant. So far I had spent almost 30 million US Dollars in South Africa. He must be going bonkers. The resort was probably going to cost another 20 million.Back at the Resort, I invited the Contractor to my place to go over exactly what it was going to cost. He already had given me a tentative figure. Now I needed something to take to my account and bank. I wasn't about to pay cash for this.What started off as a sixteen million rand price tag soon hit 30 million when I insisted on all authentic woods. No veneers, no plastics, no fake walls. Everything had to be first class and the best that was available. I wanted to make this a world class resort, catering to the rich as well as ordinary tourists. I had already contacted the decorator that had done the Kenyan resort and she agreed to do mine. My Prime contractor would get together with her through out construction. "Just to let you know, I am traveling back to the US for a few weeks. I'm taking my Sons with me. John Hanna will be my authority while I am away. I'll be leaving this coming weekend."Although I could have flown in the private Jet, I opted to fly commercial. None of my Son's had ever flown commercial. I booked four first class tickets to Washington DC. This time it was by American Airlines to Miami and then Washington. First class all the way. We took the Challenger to Pretoria Saturday morning. My boys looked real good in designer pants and polo shirts. The nice loafers I bought looked good too. They were in awe of the service they received from the stewardesses. We had four seats in one row. Food service and cold beer helped with the trip. The good movie they could watch on the seat backs was nice too.Customs in Miami was very thorough. Any Preteen Boy aircraft coming from Africa after 9/11 caused Customs to be much more alert. They kind of looked skeptical when my boys all had my name, but all were cleared after a quick check with Homeland Security."Welcome home Mr. Hamilton. Welcome to the United States boys." The customs man finally said.The limo ride from Ronald Reagan Airport was another eye opener for the boys. I promised them all a tour of Washington while we were here. They all said they wanted to go to Disney World too. I promised that as well.My butler and houseman was an old queer. HE had a permanent boyfriend who he had been with for over twenty years. They lived in the attached quarters. He kissed each boy and welcomed them to the house. After a quick tour of the Preteen Boy house and grounds, I showed the boys my bedroom. The king sized bed attracted them like bees to honey. I then showed the attached bathroom with hot tub and shower, which connected to the second bedroom, also with a king sized bed."Father you have so much room here. You could have adopted 10 boys and not run out." Onou said."I have trouble keeping up with you three, ten would have been too many.""Well at least you have room for Harry and Henry when you bring them over." Steven said."What gives you the idea I plan to bring Harry and Henry?""Father, we know you. We know how you looked at both boys. I know they are young, but we think you will love them too. We already do Father.""Am I that transparent?""Yes Father." Devine laughed."Well lets get changed and have some lunch. Then I have some work to do. I expect I Preteen Boy have a thousand emails to answer."I started to undress to put on casual clothes. I guess I really was as transparent as Devine said. I did like both Harry and Henry. Sandy was going to some pissed when I asked him for two more Visa's. Both boys said they had South African passports. They had already travelled to Europe with their Father on Holiday. So all I needed was Visa's to let them stay in America.The three boys went into the other bedroom to change. Steven walked in, in just underwear."Dad, are you really going to bring them over?""Do you want me too Son?""Yes. They already told us they love you. We have slept with them both. I know you had Harry, while Devine had Henry. I didn't think either boy could handle me, but both loved it. I guess we are kind of in love with them too.""Then for you I will bring both over, once the resort is ready. Both should be near eighteen then and it will make things a lot easier."I reached down and grabbed his massive cock."I want this inside me tonight love.""As long as you fuck me too Dad."Jet lag caught up with me about three in the afternoon. I told Gary that I was going to sleep a couple of hours. I told him to take the rest of the day off, we would find something to eat on our own.TBC Comments Welcome
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